What is a temporary residence card?

What is a temporary residence card? – The temporary residence card for the value of replacing a Vietnamese visa. In fact, foreigners with Vietnamese temporary residence cards can stay in Vietnam for a long time without renewing their visas, or they can also exit and enter Vietnam several times during the duration of the card without applying for a visa.

1.What is a temporary residence card?

According to Article 3 of Law No. 47/2014/QH13 on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam in 2014 clearly defines the Vietnam temporary residence card. Accordingly,”A temporary residence card is a type of paperwork issued by the immigration authority or competent authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to foreigners who are allowed to reside for a term in Vietnam and a temporary residence card with visa replacement value.”

2.What are the conditions for issuing temporary residence cards to foreigners?

In order to be granted a temporary residence card in Vietnam, foreigners in the above-mentioned group must ensure the following conditions:

– Have a passport with a minimum shelf life of 13 months. As mentioned above, the duration of the temporary residence card issued will be shorter than the remaining term of the passport at least 30 days, so if the passport is only 13 months, then the temporary residence card issued is only for a maximum term of 12 months. In this case, if the employee wants to apply for a longer-term temporary residence card, it is recommended to check in the passport before applying for a temporary residence card.\nForeigners must carry out procedures for temporary residence registration at commune and ward police in accordance with regulations.

– The following foreigners will not be eligible for temporary residence in Vietnam:

+ Being examined for criminal liability or being a defendant in civil, economic and labor disputes;

+ Being obliged to serve a criminal judgment;

+ Being obliged to execute civil and economic judgments;

+ Being obliged to comply with decisions on sanctioning administrative violations, tax payment obligations and other financial obligations.

3.The competent authority

Agencies carrying out administrative procedures for issuing temporary residence cards to foreigners in Vietnam are the Immigration Department, the Ministry of Public Security or the immigration department of the provincial or municipal police.

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