Procedures for changing company address on investment certificate

Procedures for changing company address on investment certificate – In the course of the business, for several reasons such as wanting to scale the company, want to find the right location for the company’s industry development that the company will change the company address. However, when the investor wants to change the location of the investment project, the registration procedure for adjustment of the Investment Certificate must be carried out.

1.In case of changing the company’s address on the investment certificate?

According to the Enterprise Law 2020, an enterprise is an organization with its own name, assets, and trading headquarters, established or registered for establishment according to law for business purposes. The address of the investment enterprise is recorded in the Investment Registration Certificate.

The enterprise headquarters is where the executive agency of the enterprise is located and is stated in the enterprise registration certificate as the enterprise’s head office. It can be understood that the head office of the enterprise does not necessarily have to be the place where the enterprise conducts production and business activities or is the place of business registration or permanent residence of the business owner. According to the business registration paper, a business may have multiple business establishments in many different places but only one head office.

2.Step to change the company address on the Investment Registration Certificate

Step 1: Prepare and submit your application to the Investment Registration Authority

– Written request for adjustment of investment projects;

– A copy of the investment registration certificate or a written decision on investment policy (if any);

– Report on the implementation of investment projects up to the time of adjustment;

– Decisions of investors on adjustment of investment projects;

– Explanation of reasons for adjusting the location of the investment project;

– Proposing land-use needs, in case the project does not request the State to assign land, lease land, allow the transfer of land use purposes, a copy of documents proving the right to use the expected location of the investor;

– Proposing investment projects;

– Legal documents related to the location of the project (Dossiers include: Valid copy of notarized location lease contract or documents proving that the investor is legally entitled to use the registered location);

– A copy of one of the following documents:

+ For the case of an institutional investor: the financial statements of the investor in the last 2 years; commitment to the financial support of the parent company;

+ For investors who are individuals: commitment to the financial support of financial institutions; guarantee of the investor’s financial capacity; documents explaining the financial capacity of investors;

Step 2: Submit a dossier to the competent authority

Investors can choose one of the following two forms of application:

– Submit directly to the competent investment registration agency;

– Online declaration of information about investment projects at the National Information System on Foreign Investment ( or Within 15 working days from the date of online declaration, the investor must submit 03 sets of dossiers (01 copy and 02 copies) adjusting the Investment Project Certificate to the Investment Registration Authority.

Competent agencies to adjust investment certificates:

– Management Board of industrial parks, export processing zones, high-tech parks, economic zones shall receive and adjust investment registration certificates for investment projects in industrial parks, export processing zones, high-tech parks, and economic zones.

– Department of Planning and Investment.

Within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the full dossier, the investment registration agency adjusts the Investment Registration Certificate; in case of refusal to adjust the Investment Registration Certificate, it must notify the investor in writing and clearly state the reason.

If the dossier is valid, the business registration agency shall adjust the Investment Project Certificate.

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