How To Get Viet Nam Work Permit For Foreigners In Pandemic – Procedures in Da Nang

How To Get Viet Nam Work Permit For Foreigners In Pandemic – If you are a foreigner living and working in Vietnam for more than 3 months, Work Permit is required. Besides, the company that foreigner’s working for will face charging up to 75 million VND. But during the COVID-19 outbreak, are there any additional conditions for foreigners to work in Vietnam legally?

I . Conditions to be issued Work Permit:

However, to be issued Vietnam Work Permit, foreigners have to satisfy the following conditions:

– Over 18 years old;

– Be capable of performing civil acts as prescribed by law;

– Health is suitable for your job;

– Not a criminal or liable to criminal prosecution according to Vietnamese law and your home country’s law;

– Have three years of experience in your chosen field of employment proved in writing by a legitimate authority;

– Be a manager, executive officer, expert, or technician. If you provide medical certification, medical treatment, or work in educational and vocational training, you must meet the particular conditions for these services as prescribed by Vietnamese law.

In a pandemic, enterprises have to make sure that foreign employees meet these conditions:

– Legally entry Vietnam;

– Complete 21-day medical isolation;

In accordance with those conditions above, the foreigner would be issued Work Permit for 4 positions: Managers, Chief Executive Officers, Experts, and Technicians. But in this period of time, the priority condition is the last 2 ones.

II.What paperwork will you need to apply for a work permit in Vietnam?

An application for the work permit consists of:

1.The written request for the work permit made by the employer in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs in Vietnam;

2.The health certificate or report on medical examination which is issued by the foreign or Vietnamese authorized health organizations or agencies and takes effect within 12 months from the signing date of conclusion of health status to the date of application;

3.The criminal record or written certification that the foreign worker is not a criminal or liable to criminal prosecution issued by the foreign competent authority. If the foreign worker is a lawful resident in Vietnam, only the criminal record issued by the Vietnamese competent authority is required.

The criminal record or written certification that the foreign worker is not a criminal or liable to criminal prosecution must be issued within 06 months prior to the submission of the application;

4.The written certification that the worker is a manager, chief executive officer, expert, or technician;

5.02 color pictures (4cm x 6cm, white background, frontal face, bareheaded, and no colorful glasses) that are taken within 06 months ahead of the date of application;

6.Certified copy of passport or a substitute for passport or other licenses for international travel which is unexpired in accordance with the law.

According to each local authorities requirements in the pandemic of COVID-19 enterprises and foreigners have to provide more documents such as:

7.Pictures of enterprises;

8.Notarized copy of the full passport of the foreign employee that enterprise tend to recruit;

9.Entry approval letter of Vietnam Immigration Department and invite working letter of sponsored organization/company;

10.Certification of completing of 21-day mandatory medical isolation;

III. The reason for these requirements

During the epidemic, the government concern most about community health instead of foreign employees qualification as before. They not only want to make sure that the foreigners enter Vietnam legally, complete 21-day medical isolation but also identify that they will really work in this company or just apply for the work permit to get the temporary card in Vietnam.

Because of the implementation of aggressive social distancing policies, Vietnam is one of the few countries that has largely succeeded in controlling the outbreak. But it means that Vietnam has to be more careful of undocumented immigrants which is the potential endangerment of a new wave of new infections.

That’s the reason why enterprises having demand for foreign workers have to provide more documents as above to protect the country.

IV.Task of Luat Phuc Cau:

Customers use providing issuance of work permit service of Luat Phuc Cau, we have the following responsibilities:

–           Give Clients consultancy about regulations and prepare necessary documents, papers;

–           Draft text, form, and prepare a complete dossier for customers;

–           Represent customers to submit dossier and work with the authorities;

–           Deal with problems that arise during procedures (if) and support customers related works.

All tasks would be conducted until customers receive Work Permit.

By experience, capacity, and professional skill, Luat Phuc Cau shall deserve to be a trustworthy partner and be the leading choice for you.

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